Planet Coaster PC

Sommer-Patch mit Feuerwerk

Frontier Developments hat seine Freizeitpark-Sim Planet Coaster mit dem Patch 1.3 versehen, der Feuerwerk, Video-Anzeigetafeln und neue Fahrgeschäfte bietet. Obendrauf gibt's eine Reihe allgemeiner Verbesserungen wie diese:
  • Fixed an issue where the chain lift could overlap the track on the Black Falcon coaster
  • Fixed an issue where the wheels were clipping on the Monster coaster
  • Fixed an issue where guests would clip through the Pioneer seats
  • Fixed an issue where guests were clipping through their seats on the Kick-Flip
  • The speed of the Monster coaster's chainlift is now correctly represented in the UI
  • Highlighting now changes when on coaster pieces with no money
  • Track supports can now be disabled for the Chopper's Creek
  • Fixed an issue where there was no catwalk available for pieces on the Launched Torque coaster
  • Adjusted the teacups door which clipped through guests
  • Fixed an issue where the Sprint 500 coaster was not using the correct block sections
  • Custom colours should no longer reset on the Chopper's Creek and Speed rides
  • Station supports now properly appear in the blueprint preview image

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