Planet Coaster PC

Patch 1.2.3 mit Pathos-III-Fahrgeschäft

Frontier Developments hat seine Freizeitpark-Sim Planet Coaster mit dem neuen Fahrgeschäft Pathos III erweitert. Obendrauf bietet der neue Patch eine Reihe Verbesserungen wie etwa diese:
  • Added an option to disable terrain collision. Players can now manipulate terrain through existing scenery and rides
  • Fixed an issue where signs that had been given custom text in a previous update could not be edited
  • Fixed an issue where the Speed (Go Karts) ride could not be opened after undo and redo actions
  • Fixed an issue where The Robotic Arm sign was re-named "Sci-Fi Sign - Robot Arm Small" to be consistent with the naming of the other signs.
  • General stability fixes and improvements

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